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    Required Readings
    Week 1: Introduction (1/19/10)
    Frameworks, Legal Issues)Issues):
    1.1. US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. National Bicycling and Walking Study: Ten Year Status Report, October 2004.
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  2. page Additional Readings edited ... Additional Readings Week 1: Introduction ... Federal Highway Administration. “Pedestrian …
    Additional Readings
    Week 1: Introduction
    Federal Highway Administration. “PedestrianAdministration.“Pedestrian and Bicycle
    Alta Planning & Design. Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities in California: A Technical Reference and Technology Transfer Synthesis for Caltrans Planners and Engineers, Prepared for California Department of Transportation, July 2005.
    United States Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration. Fall 2007 Safe Routes To School Tracking Report, National Center for Safe Routes to School. Available online:, 2007.
    and B. McCann. “Complete Streets: WeMcCann.“Complete Streets:We Can Get
    Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. Trails & Greenways: Advancing the Smart Growth Agenda, Author: Hugh Morris, September 2002. Available online:
    K.J. Clifton. Non- MotorizedNon-Motorized Transportation Pilot
    Department of Transportation. NationalTransportation.National Survey of
    Buehler, T. J. (2007). Fifty Years of Bicycle Policy in Davis, CA. University of California, Davis, Davis, CA.
    Week 2: Benefits and Challenges of Promoting Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation
    and S.L. Handy. “BuiltHandy.“Built Environment Correlates
    Handy, S. Critical Assessment of the Literature on the Relationships Among Transportation, Land Use, and Physical Activity, Transportation Research Board Special Report 282, Available online:, 2005.
    Ewing, R. and Cervero, R. “Travel and the Built Environment and Synthesis,” Transportation Research Record 1780, pp. 87-114, 2001.
    and K.H. Schmitz. “DoesSchmitz.“Does Residential Density
    Cervero, R. and Radisch, C. Travel Choices in Pedestrian versus Automobile Oriented Neighborhoods, University of California Transportation Center, Working Paper 281, University of California at Berkeley, Available online,, 1995.
    Krizek, K. “Operationalizing Neighborhood Accessibility for Land Use-Travel Behavior Research and Regional Modeling,” Journal of Planning Education and Research, Volume 22, pp. 270-287, 2003.
    Purvis, C. IncorporatingC.Incorporating Effects of
    and J.D. Hunt. “DevelopmentHunt.“Development of Microsimulation
    Jerret, M., M. M. Finkelstein, J. R. Brook, M. A. Arain, P. Kanaroglou, D. M. Stieb, N. L. Gilbert, D. Verma, N. Finkelstein, K. R. Chapman, and M. R. Sears. “A Cohort Study of Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Mortality in Toronto, Ontario, Canada,” Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 117, 772–777, 2009.
    and R. Jackson. UrbanJackson.Urban Sprawl and
    Protection Agency (EPA). “Emission(EPA).“Emission Facts: Calculating
    Highway Administration (FHWA). Traffic(FHWA).Traffic Volume Trends,
    Komanoff, Charles and Cora Roelofs, National Bicycling and Walking Study, “Case Study no. 15: The Environmental Benefits of Bicycling and Walking,” Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, 1993.
    {FHWA Case Study 15_BikePedBen.pdf}
    {Appleyard_Focus PedBike Planning.pdf}
    Week 3: Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety: Crash Data, Perceptions, Attitudes, and Culture
    and D.R. Ragland. “AssociationRagland.“Association between Roadway
    and B. Persaud. PedestrianPersaud.Pedestrian Safety Prediction
    US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration. Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Types of the Early 1990s.
    Aultman-Hall, L. and J. LaMondia. “Developing a Methodology to Evaluate the Safety of Shared-Use Paths: Results from Three Corridors in Connecticut,” Prepared for the Connecticut Department of Transportation, May 2004.
    88-92, 1998.

    {Police Reporting Peds & Bikes in Emergency Rooms.pdf}
    McMahon, P.J., C.V. Zegeer, C. Duncan, R.L. Knoblauch, J.R. Stewart, and A.J. Khattak. An Analysis of Factors Contributing to “Walking Along Roadway” Crashes: Research Study and Guidelines for Sidewalks and Walkways, Federal Highway Administration, FHWA-RD-01-101, February 2002.
    Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center. Bike Lane Design Guide, 2002.
    Planning & Design. FundamentalsDesign.Fundamentals of Bicycle
    American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials. Guide for the Planning, Design, and Operation of Pedestrian Facilities, 2004.
    Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals. Bicycle Parking Guidelines, 2002. Available online:
    Birk, M., & Geller, R. Bridging the Gaps: How the Quality and Quantity of a Connected Bikeway Network Correlates with Increasing Bicycle Use. Paper presented at the Transportation Research Board, 2005. Retrieved June 4, 2009, from
    Week 6: Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Design Innovations and Cost Considerations
    of New Urbanism. ContextUrbanism.Context Sensitive Solutions
    Fitzpatrick, K., S. Turner, et al. Improving Pedestrian Safety at Unsignalized Crossings, Transit Cooperative Research Program Report 112, National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report 562, Transportation Research Board, Available online,, 2006. READ PAGES 16-21, 43-52, 59-61
    US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration. Bicycle Lanes Versus Wide Curb Lanes: Operational and Safety Findings and Countermeasure Recommendations, Author: D. Harkey, FHWA-RD-99-035, 1999. READ CHAPTERS 2 & 4
    and K.R. Richard. “RelationshipRichard.“Relationship of Lane
    Søren Underlien Jensen, Claus Rosenkilde, Niels Jensen. Road Safety and Perceived Risk of Cycle Facilities in Copenhagen, White Paper, City of Copenhagen, Denmark and Trafitec, 2007.
    Dimitriou, Harry T., “Policy Making and Planning for Nonmotorized Transportation Systems in Third World Cities: A Developmental Approach,” Transportation Research Record 1396, 1993.
    Week 8: Field Trip--Walking Audit of Berkeley High School Area
    Highway Transportation Officials. AOfficials.A Guide for
    2004. Order from:
    US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration. “Benefit-Cost Analysis of Bicycle Facilities,” Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, Website, Available Online:, 2007.
    Federal Highway Administration. A Resident's Guide for Creating Safe and Walkable Communities, FHWA-SA-07-016, Authors: L. Sandt, R. Schneider, D. Nabors, L. Thomas, C. Mitchell, and R.J. Eldridge, Available online:, February 2008.
    Week 11: Pedestrian and Bicycle Data Collection and Performance Measures
    Aliance for Biking and Walking. Bicycling and Walking in the United States: 2010 Benchmarking Report, Authors: K. Steele and M. Altmaier, Available online: http://peoplepoweredmovement. org/site/images/uploads/2010% 20Benchmarking%20FINAL% 20DRAFT%201.25.09-Web.pdf, 2010.
    and L. Thomas. EvaluationThomas.Evaluation of the
    Vermont Agency of Transportation. Vermont Pedestrian and Bicycle Policy Plan, Chapter 5: Vermont Pedestrian and Bicycle Performance Measures, Available online:, 2007.
    Schneider R.J., L.S. Arnold, and D.R. Ragland A Pilot Model for Estimating Pedestrian Intersection Crossing Volumes. Forthcoming, Transportation Research Record, 2009.
    and R.J. Schneider. “ASchneider.“A Meso-Scale Model
    and Repaka, S.R. “AssessmentS.R.“Assessment of Models
    and J. Griswold. “PedestrianGriswold.“Pedestrian Volume Modeling:
    Raford, N. and D. Ragland. Pedestrian Volume Modeling for Traffic Safety and Exposure Analysis, University of California Traffic Safety Center, December 2005. Available Online:
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