CP 298-001: Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation

University of California-Berkeley, Department of City and Regional Planning
Spring 2010--3.0 Credits
Tuesday, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
101 Wurster Hall

Course Leaders: Robert Schneider & Rebecca Sanders
Office Hours: By appointment
Faculty Sponsor: Robert Cervero

This graduate-level course is structured to provide students with information about current practices in the pedestrian and bicycle transportation field. It will cover historical and institutional frameworks, benefits, obstacles, and practical methods of estimating demand, establishing community-wide networks, designing facilities, improving safety, and encouraging walking and bicycling. Students will be challenged to evaluate the existing methods critically and develop ideas for improving pedestrian and bicycle planning practices. While the course will focus on practices in the United States, it will also include international examples of innovative strategies.

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San Francisco Bicycle Plan Court Injunction
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