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Guest Speaker Presentation Slides

John Ciccarelli, Week 5, "Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Design Fundamentals"

John Ciccarelli, Week 6, "Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Design Innovations and Cost Considerations"


Interesting Weblinks archives/how-to-use-a-bike- box/ archives/portland-bike- parking/ archives/contra-flow-bike- lane-boulder-co/ archives/portland-green-bike- box/?autostart=true archives/animation-semi- diverter/?autostart=true archives/raised-crosswalk/? autostart=true archives/secure-bike-parking- just-cents-per-hour/ ContentDisplay.aspx?id=6638 90975116@N00/2896971648/ local/Bike-backers-knock- Caltrain-plans39125062.html

http://idealistnyc.wordpress. com/2009/02/09/bring-your- bike-lane-with-you/

Comparing fuel usage by mode, in gas (or in Whoppers):
woo-hoo! - Local child pedestrian deaths spur community into action. - Encourage local kids to be "freikers"

Student Projects


Rebecca Sanders and Beth Altshuler: Bicycling and the Law

Paul Supawanich : Bicycle and Transit Integration


Alia Anderson: A How-To Guide to Bike Parking

PDF: A How-To Guide to Bike Parking compressed.pdf

Project Ideas

Here are 22 project ideas (actually, 22 people with any number of project ideas!) submitted via Bay Area bicycle advocacy email lists.

Second version uploaded Feb. 20, 2008:

Here are additional project ideas received since v.2 of that file: More Project Ideas (Please Add To These!)

Student References

If you happen to know a little or a lot about a certain genre within bicycling and pedestrian planning/engineering, add your name here so that the other students can address questions to you!

+ History of Bicycle Planning in the U.S. (1880-present), City-wide Bicycle Rental Networks, Bicycle Touring and Tourism, Regional Bike Networks, Bicycle Access to Transit. - - Colin K. Hughes (

Copenhagen: planning, data, etc. - Rebecca Sanders (

San Francisco: Bike Plan, Injunction, Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC), San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC), etc.: Mariana Parreiras (

Jason Meggs,** (510) 725-9991. Familiar with Bay Area and California generally:
  • Access to bridges (lead campaigns for Bay Bridge bicycle path, Richmond-San Rafael access, and more);
  • Helped create Bikestation Berkeley and Bicycle-Friendly Berkeley Coalition (
  • Local plans (e.g., Berkeley's Bike Plan, Bike Boulevard Toolkit, Southside Plan, General Plan, etc.);
  • Agencies familiar with include: CalTrans, BCDC, MTC, BART, ABAG, AC Transit, courts, legislature, etc.;
  • Supportive of Critical Mass and bicycle culture generally including DIY/volunteer community bicycle projects (helped create the BaAtT Cave Bicycle Library, now defunct due to eviction after 8 years, and others;
  • Initiated BCLU to champion bicycle and pedestrian rights in the face of rampant, endemic, deadly discrimination
  • Helped initiate many events including bicycle film festivals, election forums, parties, protests, and street theater;
  • Created numerous documentaries, news reports and short films including this one regarding the Walk/Bike 2003 conference:
  • Currently finishing dual masters in City Planning and Public Health (MCP/MPH).

Student Pictures

Life on a Bike, from the everywhereATonce photo-blog of Colin Hughes.

Student Comments

Useful Text References

Leinenberger, Christopher B."The Next Slum?" Atlantic Monthly (March 2008). - This is an interesting article discussing a large and increasing putative demand shift from suburban housing to urban housing. Cited in the article is a study done in 2006 by Arthur Nelso, director of the Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech., in which he found that there will be a likely surplus of 22 million large-lot homes (built on >1/6 acre) by 2025 (which is roughly equivalent to 40% of that type of housing currently in existence today). I have a copy of the Atlantic Monthly article if anyone would like to see it - Jamey Volker.

Payne, Gail. Guide to Bicycle Project and Program Funding in California. California Bicycle Coalition, Planning and Conservation League Foundation: February 2002.

Mionske, Bob and Lance Armstrong. Bicycling and the Law: Your Rights as a Cyclist. VeloPress: June 28, 2007.

Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Moving Costs: A Transportation Funding Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area. Spring 2000. Available at:

Phil Olmstead: I can help with the following: state/regional transportation policy/funding/politics (Safe Routes to School, Bicycle Transportation Account, Safe Routes to Transit, etc.); Oakland bike plan;