Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 13:19:26 -0800
From: Manish Champsee <mchampsee@gmail.com>
To: Jason Meggs <jmeggs@bclu.org>
Subject: Re: [sfbike] Project Ideas?

Hi Jason,

Great meeting you at the Todd Litman talk. My idea for a project would be:

The City of San Francisco is currently developing a pedestrian master
plan that will change different policies of the city. Walk San
Francisco, San Francisco's pedestrian advocacy organization, needs
someone to keep them honest by performing our own research to ensure
that the most pedestrian-friendly policies get adopted.




Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 16:46:10 +0000
From: j.stallman@comcast.net
To: Jason Meggs <jmeggs@bclu.org>
Subject: Re: Project Interview Idea

Topic: Ignoring Bike needs when doing mega road projects

Case Study: "Fremont Gap"
In the 880 Corridor between Mission Blvd. and Dixon Landing there is no bike access on the Bay side to connect from Santa Clara County to Alameda

Santa Clara County and Alameda County coordinated on a Caltrans Project to do a makeover of the Mission and Dixon Landing interchanges along with
putting in extra lanes (plural) for each direction along the freeway. Meanwhile, even though appeals were made for bike access in the same corridor
to connect the employment center on the bay side in Fremont with Santa Clara County where workers originate in many cases, Caltrans refuses to make

You are welcome to call me to get a verbal description of what has transpired over these several years and pointers on what to showcase in terms of
missed opportunities and the advent of Routine Accommodation (MTC Resolution 3765). I made mention of some of the highlights below but contact
information for the players and who to interview on this matter are not assembled here although I do have these.

- Jim Stallman 408/867-9797

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From: "Stallman, Jim E" <jim.e.stallman@lmco.com>
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Subject: RE: Meggs
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 11:54:33 +0000
  • 880 Corridor access - Big Freeway vs. the rest be damned.

  • Interview person in Fremont
  • Interview Bay Trail person
  • Interview Michelle

  • Interview MTC about RA

  • Interview/attend CTD4 Quarterly

  • Include thread about jurisdictional nightmares - how scoring is enhanced
  • by multi jurisdictional benefit but how borderline needs become lost in
  • limbo land.

  • Interview Raburn w/ reference to newsletter Lake Merritt temp barrier bike path